Apex Nursery

  • Evergreen
    • Apex 20-3-6 Evergreen (10-12 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 20-3-6 Evergreen as a season plus for all climates as this product will maintain good colour for more than a season.
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  • Speciality
    • Apex 12-1-9 Palm K (3-4 @ 21C)
      A professional high quality controlled release fertiliser specially formulated for palms, with extra Magnesium and a complete set of micro-nutrients.
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    • Apex Low P 21-0.85-5 (8/9) @21C
      Use APEX Low P Field Grow for season long feeding of DECIDUOUS TREES, SHRUBS, EVERGREENS and CONIFERS in NATIVE MINERAL soils.
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    • Florikote Iron Sulphate (180 day)
      GAL-Xe Iron Sulphate is a slow release polymer coated iron sulphate supplying continuous supplemental iron with 28% Iron and 17% Sulphur needed for maintaining green colour.
  • NPK
    • Apex 14-6-11 NPK (3-4 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 14-6-11 NPK for short season production with a balanced . Apex 14-6-11 NPK is best for bedding, , flowering & fruiting commercial production crops.
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    • Apex 16-2-9 NPK (14-15 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 16-2-9 NPK incorporated in media for containerised plants needing nutrition longer than a full season. Apex 16-2-9 NPK can be used as a long term baseline NPK feed for all season plus production crops.
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    • Apex 17-2-9 NPK (12-13 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 17-2-9 NPK to provide the nutritional needs for all Season Long Container Grown Crops. Uses include incorporation for baseline feed of Woody Ornamental s.
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    • Apex 18-2-9 NPK (10-11 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 18-2-9 NPK on full season crops such as most Woody Ornamental s & Propagation Liners and plants grown to Superior Foliage.
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    • Apex 19-2-10 NPK (5-6 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 19-2-10 NPK to meet the nutritional needs of Container grown Annuals and Perennials as a full season NPK source.
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    • Apex 19-2-9 NPK (7-8 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 19-2-9 NPK to meet the the nutritional needs of Container Grown Ornamental trees & shrubs as a NPK source in all growing climates.
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    • Apex NPK Minis 18-2-9 (3/4) @ 21C
      A professional mini sized homogeneous 3 to 4 month controlled release fertiliser for propagation and container grown annuals. All the nutrients in Apex 18-2-9 minis are combined within each uniform coated pellet insuring precise distribution and release.
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    • Apex NPK Max 14-2-8 (11/12 @ 21C)
      Use for season plus broadleaf evergreens.
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    • Apex NPK Max 15-2-8 (8/9) @ 21C
      Longevity suited for FULL SEASON crops in most climates. Incorporate in late Autumn to generate root development and will hold on to late Spring sales
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    • Apex NPK Max 16-2-8 (5/6) @ 21C
      Ideal for ANNUALS with extended shelf life, Perfectly suited for herbaceous perennials, safe to incorporate in late winter for seedlings.
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    • Apex NPK Max 17-2-9 (3/4) @ 21C
      Longevity for short term annual greenhouse crops. Perfect for short term ANNUAL crop production
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  • NPK Plus
    • Apex 16-2-7 NPK Plus (6-7 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 16-2-7 NPK Plus to meet the nutritional needs for crops valued for foliage such as Roses & Herbaceous Perennials. Over 1.5% Iron is added to provide extra sheen and darker green leaves for plants prized for their foliage. Safe for use in Greenhouses and other over wintering structures.
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    • Apex 19-2-8 NPK Plus (4/5 @ 21C)
      Use APEX 19-2-8 NPK Plus to meet the nutritional needs of CONTAINER GROWN ANNUALS and PERENNIALS as a full season NPK source
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    • Apex 22-2-6 NPK Plus (8-9 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 22-2-6 NPK plus to meet the season long nutritional needs of Container Grown Trees & Shrubs. Good release in cooler climates. Residual nutrients promote next springs growth in cooler growing areas.
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    • Apex 22-2-9 NPK Plus (8-9 @ 21C)
      Cost effective general purpose fertiliser designed for outdoor container nursery production. Specifically formulated to deliver nutrients consistently based on specific temperatures.
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  • Top Dress
    • 21-2-4 Super Iron Top Dress (4-5 @ 21C)
      Use Apex 21-2-4 Super Iron Topdress as a high quality professional controlled release fertiliser for top dressing, broadcast or incorporation application of trees and shrubs.
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    • 21-3-4.9 Cool Weather Special
      A high quality, professional 3 - 4 month controlled release fertiliser for CONTAINERS, BEDDING PLANTS & LANDSCAPE AREAS. Use where you want to promote a more rapid response during cooler temperatures. High Iron produces a dark green foliage to hold Autumn and Winter colour for Spring sales. SAFE source of nutrients from GAL-XE.
    • Apex 22-2-8 Full Season Top Dress (6/7 @ 21C)
      Use 22-2-8 Full Season Top Dress that contains staged release nutrients to provide safe and season long nutrition. Use in Spring to provide season long nutrition for most deciduous trees and shrubs. Provides an additional source of slow release Potassium, Magnesium and Sulphur to help maintain colour and plant vigour throughout growing season.
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    • Apex Cool Weather Special (3-4 months@21C)
      A high quality, professional 3-4 month controlled release fertiliser for containers, bedding plants & landscape areas
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