Surf Pack

    • Brilliant
      Brilliant is a safe and effective long lasting soil surfactant designed for use on fine turf grass. Once in the root zone Brilliant alleviates soil water repellency, the cause of localised dry spot. Brilliant enhances the infiltration and overall movement of water in the root zone to provide enhanced turf performance.
      Spec SheetMSDS
    • Compel pellets
      Surfactant Syringing Pellet 1 pellet covers 500m2 during hand watering and / or syringing
    • Compel Plus Pellets
      Surfactant & Kelp Formulation 1 pallet covers 1000m2 during hand watering or syringing, once a month.
    • CounterAct Firm N/AN/A
    • CounterAct Retain N/AN/A
    • Forte Soil Surfactant
      The primary role of Forte is to accelerate penetration of water into the soil and re establish hydration uniformly.
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    • Rely II
      Rely II is a soil surfactant formulated to establish consistent water flow into & through out the root zone.
    • ReWet
      ReWet is a soil surfactant treatment chemistry formulated to easily and effectively relieve existing water related problems such as localized dry spots or wet spots.
    • Syringe Ultra
      Syringe Ultra is an injectable soil surfactant designed to improve irrigation water penetration. High efficiency fomula works will with irrigation injection. Is effective on both warm and cool season turf grass when applied to golf course, parks, athletic fields and general turf areas.